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  • 25 Nov 2020 10:55 PM | Dorris Heaston (Administrator)

    NC Women's Voices Choir - listen to this beautiful tribute to the Red Cross celebrating 140 years of service.  Music by Irving Berlin and photo tribute prepared by ARCOA's own Jackie Walters who is also a choir member.  Thank You,  Jackie, Choir members and Irving Berlin! 

  • 9 Jun 2019 1:57 PM | Dorris Heaston (Administrator)

    These two articles are great reads from the recent convention:

    Donut Dollies Reunite with Veterans During National Conference in Pittsburgh - American Red Cross, Pennsylvania chapter

    From World War II through Vietnam, women served in war zones as ‘Donut Dollies’ - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

    We hope you enjoy them.

  • 24 Mar 2019 1:01 PM | Dorris Heaston (Administrator)

    Amber "Cindy" Meadows shared this article of her interview with the "News-Times"  Coastal Living.  Cindy served in Korea with SRAO.  Thanks for sharing Cindy.

    Cindy Meadows Article1.pdf

    Cindy Meadows Article 2.pdf

  • 4 Feb 2019 8:22 PM | Dorris Heaston (Administrator)

    ARCOA member Jana Peterson shared some of her Korea and Vietnam SRAO experiences (1965-1966) on a television program produced by Contra Costa County CA.  Volunteer Assistant Producer, Steve Burchik, a Vietnam Veteran, had the program idea "A Taste of Home;" programs that helped service members stay connected to home.  Jana is included in about the first 20 minutes of the video.

  • 19 Sep 2018 9:58 AM | Dorris Heaston (Administrator)

    The SRAO Story by Sue Behrens; a history of the SRAO (Supplemental Recreation Activities Overseas) Program 1953-1973 The SRAO Story.pdf

    Pearls before Poppies: The Story of the Red Cross Pearls  by Rachel Trethewey 

    In the Service of the Red Cross: Walt Disney's Early Adventures: 1918-1919 Paperback – June 24, 2015 by David Lesjak (Author), Bob McLain (Editor), Paula Sigman Lowery (Foreword)


    Two Colored Women in World War I France (New Intro, Annotated) Paperback – November 22, 2016 by Addie W. Hunton (Author), Kathryn M. Johnson (Author) 


    Edith's War: Writings of a Red Cross Worker and Lifelong Champion of Social Justice (Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series) 1st Edition

    by Peter A. Witt (Author), Kara Dixon Vuic (Foreword)


    One Woman's World War II Hardcover – April 21, 1994

    by Violet A. Kochendoerfer (Author)


    A Nurse's Story: Medical Missionary in Korea and Siberia, 1915-1920 Paperback – March 30, 2018 by Delia Battles Lewis (Author), Alison M. Lewis (Editor), John C. Parrish (Editor)


    Memoirs of a Red Cross Doctor: Better to Light a Candle Kindle Edition

    by Frank Ryding (Author) 


    Our War: Bruce & Glenna Terrell in Vietnam Hardcover – 2018

    by Glenna Terrell (Author)




  • 7 Sep 2018 1:45 PM | Dorris Heaston (Administrator)

    Ann Grace worked for the American Red Cross during WWII in Europe.  A letter from her daughter inquiring if there was any recognition for this service let to joint efforts between ARCOA, Red Cross personnel in Washington DC, and the British Red Cross to get Ann her Legacy Award.  Ann lives in the United Kingdom on the Isle of Man.  


  • 7 Sep 2018 1:24 PM | Dorris Heaston (Administrator)

    COL Miller, Commanding Officer, 103d BCT, 10th Regional Command makes the first presentation of Honorary Colonel, United States Volunteers-Joint Services Command to Ms Nancy Hewitt. Ms Hewitt served in the American Red Cross in Viet Nam during the War. What a 'fitting' award!

  • 26 May 2018 4:21 PM | Dorris Heaston (Administrator)

    ARCOA members Nancy Smoyer and Rosemary Thunder Schwoebel have published books about their Vietnam SRAO experience.  Writing and publishing the books enabled the women, who served at different times, to become acquainted and share their stories with each other.  Books are available at:

    Rosemary's Book -   


    Nancy's Book with proceeds to the Semper Fi Fund also available on Amazon 

    ARCOA member Marie "Lucie" Davidson, SRAO Korea, France, Turkey collaborated with other ARCOA members Cindy Meadows and Joan Loveridge-Sanbonmatsu to share their experiences:  


    by Lucie Davidson (Author)

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