American Red Cross Overseas Association

Condict Award

For service to the Association

American Red Cross Overseas Association (ARCOA) is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization.
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1994 Kathryn L. Undercoffer The Oversea'r
1995 Sandy Kolazinski
George and Margaret Gooch Duffy
Membership Recruitment
1996 Charlotte A. Leedy & Nell Harris Outstanding Team for three years as ARCOA President and Recording Secretary.
1997 ARCOA Washington, DC Annual handling of ARCOA-ARC Memorial and Fall Meeting.
Liaison with ARC on behalf of ARCOA.
1998 Bobbie Casey McHale Loyalty, support and outstanding service.
1999 Lois I. Laster Outstanding leadership and contributions to ARCOA over many years and in every facet of the association.
2000 Vernon J. Person Conscientious, dependable and dedicated service to ARCOA during years as Treasurer.
2001 Barbara Pathe Dedication to ARCOA and the Locator.
2002 Anita L. Wright Single-handed chairing of 2002 ARCOA Spring Meeting long distance from Kennesaw, GA, to Memphis, TN.
2003 Joyce Harvey Bottenberg Single-handed chairing of 2002 ARCOA Spring Meeting long distance from Kennesaw, GA, to Memphis, TN.
2003 Franz D. Jolowicz Many years of devoted service to ARCOA
2004 Joyce Harvey Bottenberg Service to ARCOA as dedicated Chair, Service to Our Own.
2007 Barbara J. Bruegger and Anita L. Wright In great appreciation for Beyond The Beaches, the ARCOA trip to France
2009 Jane M. Cazort Chair of 2009 Little Rock, AR, Convention and many years of devoted service to ARCOA.
2011 Jane Happle Drake Work on five (5) ARCOA conventions and chair of Denver Convention.
2011 Dorris Hecht Heaston Hours expended and expertise in completing Amendments to ARCOA Constitution and By-Laws.
2012 Kathryn Undercoffer Dedication and devotion to Oversea'r publication.
2014 Judy Cox Hollohan Started and maintains the Hospitality Suite for the Fall Board Meetings and Memorial Services
2014 Joan Loveridge-Sanbonmatsu The ARCOA Poet Laureate, assisted with the auction and raffle preparations, and has done the resolutions
2014 Joan Trovani Schrenk Founder and orchestrator for more than 10 years of the very successful auction and raffle at the annual conventions; chairs the Mary Louise Dowling Fund
2015 Philip Chapman Our volunteer “go to” guy for many years, especially at Board Meetings and in mailing print copies of The Oversea'r
2015 Jennifer Young Volunteered to take over as editor of The Oversea'r in 2012 and transitioned it to an electronic as well as a print version
2016 Debby Griffith McSwain Significantly strengthened ARCOA's ties with the American Red Cross; recruited younger members
2016 Betsy Tanner Chaired the Awards Committee since 2000; collected and catalogued the ARCOA archives
2016 Julie Henderson Utschig A long-time District Director; created a job description and coordinated reports from all Directors
2017 Linda Meinders Webb Served on the Nominating Committee for 5 years, as Chair for 4; Convention Co-Chair in 2016; helped select the 2018 Convention city
2018 Linda Goettman Bryant Initiated a recruitment effort in 2018 for ARCOA, based on her extensive list of former SRAOers; increased membership by 9%
2019 Rene' Johnson Recommended and developed ARCOA Facebook page as a platform for ARCOA information and Red Cross related stories