If necessary,read all instructions before proceeding.

Click here to 
activate login screen. When login is completed, click on 
[X] in upper right-hand corner to return to main program.

After clicking on the 'Activate' button above, you will
see a block of text. After activating, the block of text
currently showing will be replaced by the corresponding 
full page from above or from below. 
If the above page shows, then you are logged in. CLICK
on the [X] at the right-hand corner of the page to return
to the main program.
If the page below shows, then you are not logged in and
must fill in your USERNAME, PASSWORD, a CLICK on the 
'REMEMBER ME' button and a CLICK on the 'LOGIN' button.
This will return you to the main program.

The system should maintain your login status so that you
 don't have to repeat it every time you open the website. 

If you need help concerning logins or any other problem, 
I will try to resolve it for you. Email me your phone 
number,at email@arcoa.org 
and if I need input from you, I will call you.