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Note: All of these files are contained in a special database which can be used for a number of purposes aside from accessing these particular files shown here. It is a Members Only section and requires registration with the Communication Center. In addition, you must be logged into the CC for these links to work. If you are not logged in, use the CC button above to do so.

Tip. When you login, If you check the box on the login page which says 'Log me on automatically each visit' then you can re-login at any time without having to re-input your username and password, provided that you close the page when done by clicking on the 'x' at the right-hand top of the page when you are finished and do not use the logout option. Note that all of these files open in a new page which must be individually closed. You can also keep it open and use the Alt-tab key to switch between this page and the newly opened page. When done, close the new page.

You can use it to send and receive emails from any other member who has a valid email address or carry on online conversations with other registered members. (Note: Online conversations and other features which will be outlined later are not yet implemented.).?

When these files are loaded, they may be saved to your hard drive or printed for later convenience.

Website Member Reports

To Access these reports, use the links below. If you are logged in the report will load, otherwise, you will see the following message:
"You are not authorised to download this attachment.".
In this case, use the login link at the upper right-hand side of the page to login with your username/password. When the database screen shows, close the tab or window to return to this page.
(There may also be an extra tab/window which needs closing.)
If you don't see the latest date on any of these downloads, clear your cache.
Let me know if you are not sure how to do this

2014 Directory: Copy of 2014 Printed Member Directory. Contains most current update of Member Information as shown in the Directory.
Updated 09/24/2016 (1.1 MB)

Member Update: Excel spreadsheet with Current Updates of Member Information beginning with Printing of 2014 Directory. Contains Information Not in Directory Updated 09/24/2016 (113 KiB)

Active Directory: Excel Spreadsheet with all Active Members Contact information. Updated 09/24/2016 (371 KiB)

Inactive Directory: Excel Spreadsheet with all InActive Members Contact information. Updated 09/24/2016 (36.5 KiB)

Deceased Members: Excel spreadsheet with list of all Deceased Members Updated 09/24/2016 (56.5 KiB)

Names: Current Member List sorted by Names and District Reads Website Database directly. Updated 04/20/2016 (248 KiB)
This report allows you to select any name an be shown the database information for that person and even send an email message,
(Note: Not all members have valid email addresses, so emailing them is not possible.)
Click (Names added since 11/21/2015) to see new names.

2011 Directory: Copy of 2011 Printed Member Directory (160.91 KiB) Click on any of the links above. When the file loads, you may have the option to 'open' it directly or 'save' it to your hard drive. The best option is to save them and when needed open them from your 'My Downloads' folder.

After downloading a file, close it and you should return to this page.